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Paleo What?
   When my Husband, Spence, announced that he was starting a new, healthy eating plan, I humoured him by telling him I thought it was a good idea.

   It wasn't that I didn't support him, of course I did, but he had said the same thing many times over the years.

   He would start a diet, eating all the things that are supposed to be good for you and would last maybe a couple of weeks before he'd inevitably "crash" and eat a sausage roll, packet of crisps, a huge chocolate bar and a bottle of coke. Then it would all slide.

   The difference this time was that he had done a lot of reading, got a few books and researched a great deal on the web. He began to realise that many of the things heread resonated with him. He began to follow the Paleo diet and I watched the effects it had on his body and wellbeing.
  After a month, his clothes were looser and he seemed happier. in fact, he looked so good that I decided to follow the diet myself.

  It proved quite difficult for me as I was a vegetarian at the time. I tried using hemp protein to boost my diet but I didn't lose weight as quickly as Spence had.

  After three and a half months of plugging away, finding vegetarian alternatives to the dishes that he was cooking, I made a tough decision. I decided that I would start eating meat again. I'm still in denial over what it is I'm eating, we don't talk about it, otherwise my conscience kicks in!

  The changes we have made to our diet have made us happier, healthier and thinner. what started out as something that I just thought I'd try because Spence looked so good is now second nature. Yes, I sometimes cheat and have something that is on the "banned" list, just not very often.
  The old adage that "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." is, thanks to paleo a load of rubbish. We eat better than we've ever done before and the result is that we look and feel better than we ever have before, too.


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