Monday, 2 January 2012

You fat B@st@rd

Yeah, you heard that many times while watching a footy match, didn't you?
So did I, and to be fair, though it's usually directed at the ref or a chunky left back...I always thought, hmm, maybe I should n't have ate all the pies. (As another song goes).
Anyhow, at 6 foot tall, with a 42" waist and 54" chest I was feeling kinda blubberry. Don't get me wrong, I was active, fairly active and anyway, no one rushes up to you to say "Gosh, aren't you fat?" When you're wrapped in your leathers and just stepping off your Harley, do they?
Truth is though, I'd not weighed myself since the scales creaked past the 20 stone mark some months previously, and I knew I had to change, a stone is 14 pounds for those of you who don't know.
I'd tried eating "properly" lotsa good carbs, exercise etc. but I always fell off that wagon. I was starving! I felt rough and listless, would have a cold at least once a month, just couldn't be bothered with anything...oh, and I ached all the time. My joints, my muscles, hell everything. I'd also get these "sugar crashes" where I'd go all trembly and get headaches and be really grouchy with everyone. The only solution was a quick fix of a choccy bar, a pasty or sausage roll and a full sugar cola.
What happened? I was surfing the net looking at random stuff, like workouts, diets etc. Trying to find some inspiration to have another go. When I stumbled across the Paleo diet, in particular, a blog devoted to the lifestyle. I started reading and reading and reading, I couldn't stop. This was some kind of revelation. It seemed that all the times I'd failed when trying to eat properly were not because I'm useless, but because my body, my genetic make up was just not suited to eating that way.
In short, I gave up grains, starchy tubers and legumes. In five months my BMI dropped from seriously Obese to Overweight, my waist went from 42" to 36". My weight from over 20 stone to 16 stone 3lbs and I started running again.
Now, even though I eat more than ever, the fat keeps vanishing, my energy keeps climbing and I never suffer those old crashes anymore...even if I skip a meal.
Stick with me and I'll share some recipes. It's absolutely the most fantastic way to eat and to Live!

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