Incorporating HIT
3 Minutes a week

Ok, so Monday, Wednesday and Friday are going to be HIT days, where we perform 3 sets at maximum effort for twenty seconds. 
Whether we sprint, cycle or swim, doesn't matter, all that is important is that we put everything into these sets, so no "pacing ourselves". Got it?

The Rest

Well, if you enjoy a little running, do that on your days off. A couple of decent walks also keeps your body going.

This should be enough to get your heart healthy and your insulin response down. I'd say a few press ups, pull ups and lunges on any of the rest days will be all you require to sort out your muscle tone.

That's it!
Now what could be simpler? Anytime you want to just take a ball to the park and have a kick about (trust me, there will be days like these) is a bonus. Stick to maintaining the basics above and any extras are just that.
Enjoy your easy workout regime and spend the money you saved on gym fees to do something fun with.

One of the big questions we all ask ourselves when we start thinking about changing our lifestyles is "What workouts should I be doing?" It's a common enough thing, especially when you have been eating paleo for a few weeks and your body starts revving up with all the extra energy inside it.

The trouble is, it's very tempting to just go nuts and do far too much exercise until you are a limping wreck...which means that you only get to exercise once a week instead of 3 or 4 times.

Our Paleolithic ancestors didn't go to the gym, yet they were lean and mean. How'd that happen?  Well, one thing you should remember is that if you wish to lose weight, then diet alone will account for 90% of your weight loss. Honest. You also have to be careful of endurance type exercise that so depletes your body's energy stores that you are left craving food for the rest of the day.

Think for a moment, why are you going paleo? Is it cos you want to be fit and healthy? Why then do you want to punish your joints by jogging for mile after mile on the pavement? Or Trying to bench press twice your bodyweight?

The only gym you need is the world around you, and your own body.
 Do as many pressups as you can on Monday, then rest Tuesday, Do one less than Monday's figure on Wednesday, but add two more sets, the last being Monday's max. Rest Thursday and do the same on Friday, but add 1 rep to each set. Then take the weekend off, you earned it. It doesn't matter if you can only do one on Monday, after a few weeks you'll be knocking out tens of pressups.

The same is true with pull ups, find a branch, or bar of the right height. Or buy one to hang in your doorway like I did (My bar) If you can't even do one pull up, then place a chair behind you, bend one leg at the knee and place your toes on the chair, now pull as hard as you can and just flex your leg enough to make you rise up until your chin is over the bar. Lower yourself slowly and there you are! If you follow the same plan as the press ups, you'll be doing proper pullups in a month!

Those two exercises will completely sort out your upper body, you'll find your abs appearing, your arms and chest getting tighter, everthing will improve. Just stick to the plan and keep your rest days free so your muscles can repair themselves.

What about your legs? Even easier! 2 long walks a week will keep your joints mobile and build up your bone density. If you want to jog, fine, but don't go nuts, a couple of miles a time is enough. Add in a day where all you do is sprint the length of a football pitch, rest and do it again 4 times, and you are sorted!

     Anything else is just playing, swimming, footy in the park with the kids, enjoy yourself. Most of your good exercise is when you don't realise it, like chasing a ball down the wing, or playing 1 on 1 in the garden. Do what you feel like, but please, try not to wear your body out by training for a marathon every month.