Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Paleo crisps/chips

There's always a time when you want a bowl of crunchy, savoury chips to munch on. Usually when you're watching the footy or a film and indulging that inner couch potato.

Now, I wouldn't recommend eating these all the time as our bodies need better quality fuel, but they're a much better alternative to the chemical and transfat laden rubbish that are usually on sale.


A Cassava
A deep pan of beef tallow/dripping
Sea salt
Liquid smoke


Peel the cassava then slice thinly on a mandolin (Or with a knife if you have the skill).

Heat the fat, throw in the slices, take out and drain when golden brown.

Spray a little liquid smoke on them and sprinkle a little salt over, shake up and serve.

They're also nice with smoked paprika and salt too.

Happy munching.


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