Friday, 3 February 2012

How to get started and why it will work.

By now, if you've been reading my posts you may be thinking of giving it a go. Well done. You've taken the first step on your journey to being lean, fit, strong and healthy.

  There are a whole bunch of things you'll have to learn and unlearn...A new way of looking at and evaluating food, exercise, even life. It's daunting, almost enough to make you say "Hang it all, I'll try something easier."
It's not so complicated, really.
It's as simple as this...You ready?

1 Do not eat anything that contains cereals. Such as flour, wheat, rice oats, corn.

2 No legumes. These are peas, beans, peanuts and anything with soy or soya.

3 No sugar. If you need sweet, try a little honey, maple syrup or agave nectar.

4 Cut down on caffeine. I mostly drink green tea now. I still have the odd coffee, but not the 10 cups I used to have.

5 No potatoes.

That's it. It's all you have to do. (Pretty much). There are some other things you can do to tune the diet, but that's the main part right there.

If you need raw fats for salad dressings, use olive, coconut, hemp or walnut oils.
For cooking use coconut, duck fat, butter or nut oil.

I'll cover the reasons later, but just make sure you don't heat up olive oil, ok? (It makes it into a trans fat and they are really bad for you).

You have a period of adjustment ahead of you, but nothing impossible. Check out the recipes and see if you like the sound of them.
Then, when you are ready, try and eat 3 meals a day. Really try. Feed yourself decently and you'll be amazed at how you don't hanker after a choccy bar at 10 o'clock. Any time you're hungry between meals, eat some protein or a few pieces of fruit.

You can do it.

Now, go for a walk. About 40 minutes worth. A nice easy pace. Thats it. Day one complete!
See ya tomorrow.


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