Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Meet the wife!

Just incase you were getting bored with my droning on and on...I roped in my wife to write a bit so you can have another perspective on what it's like to be paleo (and, be married to me). You can find Melanie's stuff in The other half. She's also responsible for the great pic of the sea that now sits above my blog.

  Another thing you may notice is a forum. Feel free to post any comments, questions or tips and recipes you may have in there. You don't have to register, I wont give your details to anyone and I wont whine if your spelling's off (as mine often is). You can also post things or services you want to sell or buy if you like, no charge.

 That'll do for now, I'll leave you to mooch around a while and I'll be back later with a couple of cool recipes.



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