Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I Can't Be Bothered!

Fast food

You know how it is, right? Even when we are paleo for a while, we have those times when we can't be bothered to cook something properly. Maybe you woke up late and didn't put the chilli in the slow cooker, you forgot to pack a lunch, so only had a banana and some hazelnuts since breakfast, or perhaps ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY has been ragging on you all day and you've had enough. There is no way that you're coming home to cook up a big meal now!

  I've certainly had days like that. plenty in fact, and the time was, dinner would come from the chip shop or we'd pay a million quid to have pizza delivered.
When you are paleo things change. You can't have that pizza (You can, but you have to make a paleo one, which takes time), you can't have fish and chips or a fast food burger. You have to eat something more natural, and it's often true that it takes more effort than throwing a plastic tub into the microwave.  

Thing know, and I know, that we aren't going to fall down and eat rubbish like that, because it makes us feel bad, physically bad. I don't want to go back to being lethargic, achy and FAT and I'm absolutely sure you don't either.

  So what do we do? Or rather, what do we do when we don't want fruit, cold meat and nuts!! (Come on, we all do it, but it's ok, now and then).

  Have a go at this! Get yourself a nice steak. (The one above is grass fed, Hereford beef...the very best in all the world in my opinion, but I am from Hereford, so I'm a little biased).

Heat a skillet up, so it's smoking hot, rub a little butter on the meat (or coconut oil) grind some salt and pepper on each side and throw it in the pan. (2mins a side for rare, 3 mins a side for medium, 4 mins a side for well done) Let the steak sit, covered while you make up this long, involved salad.

This is simple. Throw together a simple salad of onions, leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot and beetroot. Toss in a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, mustard and you are done!

Arrange it nicely round your steak (Go on, it's a little bit of fiddling, but if you put in this small effort you'll be REALLY glad you did when you sit down to eat).

Quick, easy and absolutely gorgeous. the perfect fast food to reward yourself with after a long day away from the cave.

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