Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Keep it running.

Depending on how many miles you cover, you may find you service your bike once, twice or 5 times a year.
 If you want to be a real biker, you'll be thinking about getting your spanners out and doing it yourself.

Here's a quick guide to doing the oil, filter, drive and primary chain on an Evo Sportster.

Don't mess about with the engine running, ok? I assume you know that's dangerous, but if you're the sort of idiot that's going to get your hands mangled, take the bike to a mechanic instead.

1. Take the oil cap out of the tank.

2. Stick something down under the oil filter to catch the oil.
3. Hammer a screwdriver through the filter and turn anti-clockwise. (Or use a special tool if you have one).

 4. Let the oil drain out and collect in the bowl/ jug whatever. Then wipe the threads and sealing faces clean with a rag.

5. Locate the drain hose under the oil tank, unclip it and let it drain fully into the oil catching thing you are using.

6. Secure the drain hose back in it's place.

7. Put a couple of ounces of fresh 20/50 into the new filter (to prevent an air lock) and smear a little oil round the gasket, then spin on, hand tight only! DO NOT use that special oil filter wrench to put it on!

8. Fill up the oil tank and put the stopper back in. Next, the primary case.

 1. Locate the cover, use a pin punch and tap it anti-clockwise until you can spin it out with hand pressure.
2. When you look inside, you'll see the primary chain, stick your finger in and push it up. If it goes more than half an inch you have to locate the adjuster screw and locknut under the crank cases, Loosen the lock nut and tighten the screw, then the locknut so you have about 1/4" of movement. Don't let it get really tight, slacken it off if it wont move!"
3 Undo the level plug on the crank case and, with the bike held level, undo the drain plug underneath and let it run dry, then, replace the plug underneath, pour in primary case lube through the inspection cover until some comes out of the hole for the level plug. Replace level plug, replace primary cover. You are done!

To service the chain...
 1. Undo the axle nut a turn or two.
2. Locate the chain tensioners on either side of the wheel. (That little nut that is on a threaded rod at the end of the swing arm) Turn each one in quarter turns until you have 1/2" to 1" movement in the chain. (Be sure to tighten both sides equally! You don't want a wonky wheel)!

3. Tighten the axle nut up again and lube the chain with spray lube.

Now, get out and ride!

Until next time!


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